Your Sleep, Your Way.

Our range of adjustable beds can be customised to suit your needs and decor, and come with a selection of well designed and thought through features to make your life that little bit easier. These features promote independence, maximise comfort, and help maintain good sleep quality and better health.

Size Options

Our solid wooden adjustable bed frames are made to order at our Co. Limerick workshop. The adjustable frame has a five-part moving action which allows you to sit up in the bed and elevate your feet to knee height. There are three size options to choose from: Single (4ft), Double (5ft) and Super King (6ft)

Our single bed is suitable for one person, and comes with one specially designed mattress that moves with the bed frame. Our double size and king size beds are suitable for two people sharing a bed, and come with two separate single mattresses which are dual controlled, so that you can raise the head or foot on one side, while keeping the other side flat. 

Colour Options

Our solid wooden bed frames are upholstered in a luxurious soft suede fabric that comes in three classic colours for you to choose from – a blush beige, rich navy, and elegant grey. 

Customise your adjustable bed colour on our online shop, or if you would like to consider other colours or finishes, contact us by email or phone 06246900 and we would be delighted to send you a colour swatch book.

Leg Options

When you order one of our adjustable beds, you can choose from two leg options to best suit your needs. One is a black matt finished wooden leg with cushioned base, this sits 12cm off the ground so the bed is higher up, and it is possible to hoover underneath for example. The other option is a metallic finish durable floor glide leg with a cushioned base, this sits 4cm off the ground so the bed is lower down. 

User Friendly Remote

Our motorized adjustable bed comes with an easy-to-use remote for personalized positioning of the head and feet. The remote, which also controls bed lights, can be stored in a convenient pocket on the bed's side. Single beds include one remote, while double and king sizes with separate mattresses have two for dual control. During installation, our team ensures you're comfortable with using the remote. The remote has a 5-year guarantee, and spare handsets are available in case of loss, although issues are rare.

LED Light

Each bed frame comes equipped with a glowing LED light under the base surrounds, which gently illuminates the area around the base of the bed to guide your footing in the dark, making it easier to get in and out of bed at night. Your remote controls this optional feature which comes as standard with every adjustable bed.

Pressure Relieving Mattress

We have spent the past 30 years developing the best possible mattress for our adjustable bed frames. We know our customer, and we know what works. We make both the bed frame and mattress to order at our Co. Limerick workshop so we have the highest confidence in the superior quality of materials we use. Specially designed for the bed, the pressure-relieving mattress has a three inch layer of reactive smart foam to mould to hips and shoulders. There are no springs, and the foam block core gives support and comfort whichever position the bed is elevated to. The mattress is covered in lambswool and the finest certified organic cotton for softness.


Single: 122 (w) x 208 (l) x 125cm (h)
(h=60cm headboard + 65cm base + mattress)

Double: 152 (w) x 208 (l) x 125cm (h)
(h=60cm headboard + 65cm base + mattress)

Super King: 183 (w) x 208 (l) x 125cm (h)
(h=60cm headboard + 65cm base + mattress)

You can customise your adjustable bed online and place your order through our online shop or directly with us over the phone by calling 06246900.

Looking for more information? Visit our FAQ page or get in touch!